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Want to Play 20 Questions?

does your company...

  • 1. Service over 90% of your closed loans?
  • 2. Send monthly mortgage statements with your picture and contact information?
  • 3. Pay you a yearly Residual bonus on your serviced loan volume, year over year?
  • 4. Offer your repeat clients a Customer Loyalty Credit of 100bps up to $3000?
  • 5. Pay the same BPS on all funded loans including DPA's and Bond Loans? With NO pay tiers!
  • 6. Have payroll cycles that DO NOT end on last day of the month? (This is huge!)
  • 7. Offer employee only health coverage where you only pick up 10% premium? ($61/mo)
  • 8. Offer innovative programs for consumers at all stages of the home buying process via Lease to Own and Equity Share Programs?
  • 9. Have zero hits to price due to credit score or loan amount on FHA & USDA loans above 620?
  • 10. Have zero price hits due to credit score or loan amount on VA loans over a 600?
  • 11. Respect our Veterans by not charging any lender fees on VA Loans?
  • 12. The Master Servicer of their own DPA suite of products?
  • 13. Offer a 1% down with lender paid MI?
  • 14. Offer DPA products down to a 620 score?
  • 15. Offer a full suite of products for Manufactured Housing, including Construction to Perm?
  • 16. Allow MANUAL U/W down to 580 on FHA & VA loans?
  • 17. Have their own appraisal desk, thus eliminating the need for an AMC?
  • 18. Provide Co-Branded marketing material with One Click via a sophisticated CRM?
  • 19. Have their own US based Contact Center that focuses on branding your Realtors with Open House Call Campaigns in addition to Just Listed and Just Sold Campaigns?
  • 20. Have a Boarding Department resource that helps you navigate and get acclimated during your first 120 days?

How many NO's did you come up with?

At Land Home Financial,
we say YES to all of these and more!

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